Friday, November 27, 2009

Cheapo Gore Effects for Killer Hoo Ha.

Well, everybody else in the frakin' universe is blogging, so here I go. (This brings visions of lemmings plunging off of cliffs into the surging waters below, but nevermind that for now.)

I'm calling this blog "Cheap Thrills," not because I have a little black book filled with the contact info of affordable escorts (if anyone has that info, please email me later...), but because most of the postings will revolve around creating low budget genre films and stuff.

Anyway, here are some pieces I am creating for a low budget horror film that Gerr Winters is doing called "Killer Hoo Ha." I think Fangoria is somehow involved. The whole goal is to spend as little money as possible to create the effects. Fangoria is doing a documentary on the project, sort of a: "here's how to do ultra low budget horror filmmaking." 

Well, they came to the right guy. I never have any money! The pictures show a "flayed" face appliance I created. I sculpted it on a face cast I had of an actress, cast that in some plaster I found. Then I slush casted it from some liquid latex I had laying around. Paint it, trim it, cut out the eyes so the actress can stare out from it with big ol' dead eyes, slap some gore on it and I think it will be a great shock effect. No I swear I did not study pictures of skinless Julia from Hellraiser II for the design. I promise! ;)

The next few pics are of a hanging eyeball appliance I'm working on. I sculpted a "blind eye" appliance on my on life mask, did the slush casting method for that. Then I took a plastic ball from one of those deodorant roll on sticks and painted it. Chris the artist painted the cornea on it. I rolled up old liquid latex for the optic nerves and attached to the "eye." We'll paint, I'll coat it in shiny stuff like epoxy, gore it up, and it will make a great "shock" cut onscreen. 

I'll update with more pics later. 

Do you think the machine gods store all this blog stuff somewhere up in machine heaven? I better use spellcheck!